LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210)

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LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) - Product Description

In January of 2010, Lego released their LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210). Once again they have created a spectacular sailing vessel ideal for collectors. This is their biggest ship so far measuring 29.5 inches (75 cm) by 23.6 inches (60 cm). It's even bigger than their 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner, which used to be the biggest Lego Pirate ship that you could by. The LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) is part of the LEGO pirate theme line, and nine Lego mini-figures are included with the package.

Design and Structure

The LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) boat itself is square rigged and has three masts. It comes with four firing cannons on wheels that you can place anywhere you like along the ship's hull. The ship has a total of eight cannon hatches with blue flaps covering each of them. There are four per side. Brick rows help keep the cannons from sliding out of place. Behind the LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship's brig is a bow, and at the aft is a galley. The artillery is kept in between them. The hull's interior is accessible because the ship is able to separate into two parts allowing you access to the inside. When hooked together the deck covers everything creating a fully structured pirate ship. This operates similar to how doll houses have an open side so you can view the interior. The first segment has two masts attached to it and the second segment is home to the captain's quarters in the stern castle, as well as the third mast. A unique touch is the shark figurehead at the very front of the ship.

Impressive Look and Feel

The LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) captain's quarters are quite impressive. There are two doors for entry where you will find great details such as a commode, chest, organ, and a telescope. A map is even laid out on the captain's table. There are six windows in all that open and close with two of them at the back. There is a balcony, but no door goes out onto it. Of course, every pirate ship also has to have a treasure chest in the captain's quarters and the LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) is no exception. The roof of the chest removes for easy access. The galley is under the captain's quarters. In it there is a fireplace for cooking. A Chicken is roasting on a spit that can be rotated like a real rotisserie. This kitchen area also comes with other standard cooking equipment including Knives, frying pans, and other food products. Along with the chicken there is a full carrot, a carrot slice, and two fish.

Realistic Pirate Ship Setting

The steering area at the front of the LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) has a balcony created out of rods and skeleton legs, a steering wheel, a sextant, and a gold telescope. The rudder at the back of the ship has three lamps and is fully operational. A functioning vertical anchor winch in the brig operates from the above deck and the brig has a door leading to the artillery deck and a bench for captives. The artillery deck runs the full length of the pirate ship between the galley and the brig and this area can be reached through large hatches or by removing segments of the deck. This is where the four cannons, two crates of ammunition, two torches with flames on them, and two muskets are kept. The ammunition is ten one by one round bricks. The mini-figure crew of nine consists of four soldiers, an officer, the captain of the ship, his daughter, a captive, and the cook. The LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) is great to play with, but could also be a wonderful model to display.

LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) - Product Details


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LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) – High Speed Demonstration Video

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Latest 4 User Reviews for “LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210)”

  1. 5 Star User Review Rating Ethan Kenneth says: "An Excellent Addition for Any Lego Enthusiast"

    This is a simply cool Lego model to put together. The final result is a really incredible ship that is very large. What's also great is the ship separates in half when finished, so you can show off the internals of it including the captains quarters and the crew galley to anyone viewing your collection. It's a bit pricy, but it seems a lot of the top end Lego products seem to be. This one was well worth the money if you ask me though.

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  2. 5 Star User Review Rating Dave and Liam says: "Great Times with my Son"

    My 10 year old son Liam and I put this together as a project. It was a lot of fun and took us a long time making sure we followed the directions exactly. It was a great bonding experience and now he has the finished Lego model ship in his room showing it proudly to his friends when they come to visit. These Lego kits make for some great quality time with your kids so it was definitely worthwhile for us to pick it up. Might be the same for you.

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  3. 5 Star User Review Rating Kim May says: "6 Hour Build Process"

    Took me about 6 hours to build this thing from start to finish (I'm 28 years old). It was definitely a worthwhile use of my time though as the end result is really great and looks awesome in my office (yes, I'm a bit of a geek). Anyway, this is a top of the line lego set, and if you like fun things to mess around with, I highly recommend it for you to pick up.

    Review Posted via:
  4. 5 Star User Review Rating Petey88 says: "Fantastic!"

    Not much to say about this other than it is fantastic. The attention to detail of the final result really makes it worth while to take the time to put it all together. I really like this imperial flagship and it's easily twice the size of the second biggest lego ship you can buy. That's pretty cool if you think about it, how big will the next one be?

    Review Posted via:

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