Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

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Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter - Product Description

The summer is here and the weather is great for fun in the water! If you and your children like to have fun in the water, you would probably love a Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter. Many children dream of riding one of these amazing scooters as it gives you a chance to move quickly and rapidly through the water with ease. The Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter is a kid friendly sea scooter thats for children eight and older but is also perfectly acceptable for use by adults. The sea scooter is perfect for oceans, lakes, rivers, or even just for playing around in your pool. Your children will love this lightweight scooter as they move quickly through the water with ease.

Features and Functionality

The Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter is full of safety features that are perfect for children and adults aged 8 and above. Its not huge so its easy to store and can be packed into your car to take on family outings. It will provide hours and hours of fun for you and your children. When the battery dies on the Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter theres no need to panic. The Sea Doo Dolphin is equipped with a rechargeable battery and comes with a charger. All you need to do is plug it into an outlet and you're back up and running in no time. No need to buy gas like with other sea scooters. On a full charge, this scooter is capable of operating for over 1.5 hours continuously and is protected by a waterproof shell.

Specifications and Safety

The Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter can move as fast as 2 mph and only weighs 12 lbs., so it's easy to lift in and out of the water. Using it, you can dive1 up to 15 feet in the water and use it to similarly return you to the surface. The Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter pulls you along as you steer and the entire device is built with the safety of your family in mind. The entire circuitry is 100% waterproof and prevents any flooding of the internal engine from occurring. The Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter has an auto shut off in case of emergency and is built with positive buoyancy so it will float back to the surface if you ever let it go. The device also comes with a detailed user manual that highlights the best operating procedures as well as how to take care of your new toy. If the manual is ever lost you can even find an electronic copy of it online. The entire product comes with a 180 day limited warranty.

Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter - Product Details

BRANDSea-DooCOLORNew Go Pro Mount
EAN0083999554204LABELSea Doo
PUBLISHERSea DooSIZE10.3" L x 10.3" W x 19.4" H

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Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter – Demonstration Video

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  1. 5 Star User Review Rating Valenciunas says: "So much Fun in the Water"

    We bought this for my kids while on vacation in mexico. They used it non-stop in the pool. The best part about it is they can hold on, and point it into the water, and it will take them deep underneath with no problems at all. That is really awesome cause a lot of the times they are not strong enough swimmers to get themselves down deep on their own. It holds a charge for a long time too and you can easily use it all day at the pool without having to recharge it.

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