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Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar - Product Description

The Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar is light years ahead when it comes to the technology of today's radar guns. It gives the same pinpoint accuracy you'd expect from as a professional radar gun but does so at only a fraction of the price and what's even better is it can rest in the palm of your hand. This lets you always have it by your side, for whenever, you need it.

The easy and innovative point-and-click radar gun allows speed to be measured with just the pressing of a button and is capable of taking over 10,00 readings from the use of just two regular triple A batteries. This means you'll get months, not hours, on just one set of batteries. Not only is the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar great on battery life but the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar is durable. Made from strong impact plastics like those used in hockey helmets, this radar is tough enough to work well no matter how demanding the environment.

The Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar allows normal people, like us, an affordable radar gun that still boasts the accurate speed measurements that you've come to expect from a professional radar gun. It manages to do all this in a small, convenient package. Due to it's smaller size this radar gun allows for a measurement to be taken discreetly, so you won't change the normal behaviors of the players or whomever you're observing. Another excellent feature of the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar is it has greater capabilities than your normal traditional radar gun. For instance, it can measure runner speed, runner acceleration, ball speed from the hand and ball speed from off the bat or club. Not only that but the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar is also wonderful when used for things like soccer, motorsports, skiing, and more.

Here's a list of beneficial things the Pocket Radar is best used for:

  • Rehab and Training Exercises
  • Recruiting Players As A Scout
  • When Trying Out Or Evaluating Players
  • Measuring Ball Speed
  • When Discretion In Measurement is needed
  • Runner Acceleration and Speed
  • Calibrating Ball Machines
  • Great For Fun Activities (from Lacrosse to Motorsports)

The Pocket Radar recently won "Best of Show" during the 2011 American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) convention. Hundreds of the top coaches, from both the college and professional levels, have adopted this radar gun and have been raving about how much it's helped change their player's game ever since. Some of the teams currently using this radar gun include the Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals, Oakland Athletics, and Los Angeles Dodgers. If the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar is good enough for the pro's then you know this radar gun must be doing something right!

The Pocket Radar works using a Doppler speed radar system, which emits small pulses of invisible and focused radio waves, close to the form of a flashlight beam. Once the radio wave hits the object that is either moving closer to or farther from the radar, a tiny portion of the wave is reflected back. The radar receives this reflection and analyzes it next to the first wave that was sent, determines the difference between these waves, and then shows the object's speed -- all happening instantaneously. It's for technology like that this radar gun has gotten numerous awards including the Consumer Electronics Show's (CES) ""Innovation Honoree in Personal Electronics"" award.

Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar - Product Details

BRANDPocket RadarCOLORBlack/Red
SIZEOne SizeUPC851766002018

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