Price Comparison Tips

To maximize the benefit of using our website, here are a few suggestions on how to get the largest discount possible.

Research Your Product of Interest

The best way to determine if you’re getting the best price on a product is to do your research ahead of time. Having a strong understanding of the various specifications and utilities of your item of interest is absolutely essential in determining whether or not the price available at this time is worth your money. Be sure to read the reviews and look at the overall rating score of every product on our site. Products that are highly rated and have positive reviews are those that other shoppers (like you) have already tried out and found to be above average. This is an excellent indicator on the actual quality of a product. Furthermore, instead of reading only one or two reviews, look at the average review and rating for a product. This is a much better indicator of what an average person (like yourself) might think of a product.

Always Calculate the Total Cost of a Product

While we do our absolute best to find you the greatest savings on every product, often times individual merchants may charge shipping fees and/or taxes which is out of our control. Before deciding whether or not to buy a product, be sure to look into things like shipping cots and whether or not there are sales taxes applied. This could ultimately make the difference between buying from one retailer or another.

Double Check the Reputation of Each Merchant

At, we only deal with the absolute best of the best, top line merchants, but please, don’t take our word for it. We highly encourage you to research any merchant listed on our price comparison pages to ensure that they are have an excellent reputation. You may also want to look into each merchants policies such as its exchange policies. If you need to return a product in the future, please contact the individual merchants.

Try to Use Your Credit Card when Possible

Credit card companies offer you many benefits to secure online shopping, not the least of which is fraud protection. While 99.999% of online stores are extremely safe, if you should happen across a less than reputable merchant, your credit card will protect you against problems. Most of the merchants listed on use a technology known as Secure Sockets (SSL) which will encrypt your personal information to keep it safe from prying eyes. You can tell if a merchant is using SSL as your address bar in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer will indicate that you are using a secure site.

Always Take Advantage of Discounts, Rebates, and Coupons

Often times, merchants in our listing will offer discounts (money off the total, usually when combined with a purchase of a specific size), rebates (money you can collect AFTER purchasing the product such as by mail in), and coupons (savings off the total price you can utilize at the moment of purchase). Each of these can offer you significant discounts on major products and help you and your family save a fortune. If discounts, coupons, or rebates are available for a product in our index, it will be clearly displayed on the price comparison page for that product.

Compare Your Product of Interest to other Similar Products and Look at the Graph of its Price Changes Over Time

To help determine whether or not the deal you’re getting is worth it, compare your product to other similar products. For example, if you’re interested in buying a 55″ Sony LCD Television, compare that product to other 55″ televisions provided by non-Sony merchants. This will give you an idea of the relative discounts in place for a product of that caliber. Furthermore, always investigate the price history of a product. While the television might be selling for $1200 now, but looking at the history you can see that it may be on a downward trend and destined to be less than $1000 in the very near future.

Always Share your Selling Experience with Others

If you make a successful purchase, the best thing you can do is share your success and help other shoppers make the same decision you did. Share your links with others on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Write a review or submit a star rating. Visit the merchant and comment on their website. All of these things can really help other shoppers make the right decision.