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Rocksmith - Product Description

Are you sick and tired of all those music games like Guitar Hero and Rockband that are fun for a while but ultimately leave you with a living room full of plastic toys? Rocksmith by Ubisoft has set out to turn the musical instrument gaming genre on its head. With Rocksmith, you play a real guitar. No fake plastic toys, and no fake songs with fake chords, with this game, you play the real deal and you learn how to play it right. Rocksmith is for both beginners and expert guitar players and comes with a sliding difficulty scale system that will automatically adjust to your current skill level. So, unlike other music based games, you won't have to pick a difficulty in advance. The game will shift as you play it to continually push your boundaries and make you a better guitar player.

Features and Functionality

The main feature of Rocksmith by Ubisoft is that you can use a real guitar. You can buy the game in a bundle with an electric guitar included or you can use the guitar you already have at home as long as it has a jack for an electric amp. Once connected to your game console, Rocksmith will take care of everything you need. It will help you tune the guitar and will take you through some beginner tutorials to help gauge your existing skill level. Once that's complete, it's on to the full game itself. Rocksmith automatically adjusts to your skill as you progress and even if you've never played a guitar in your entire life, you won't have any trouble getting started. As you get better, Rocksmith will begin to introduce common chords and slowly teach you how to play.

Music, Music, and more Music

Not only does Rocksmith by Ubisoft have a great system that teaches you how to play a real guitar, but it does it with a huge catalog of music in a wide variety of styles. You'll never be bored playing since the music is extremely varied and is perfect for all skill levels. Some examples of songs you can play are: Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz, Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, In Bloom by Nirvana, House of the Rising Sun by the Animals, Next Girl by the Black Keys, Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones, Icky Thump by the White Stripes, and Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. Each of these songs can be played simply for novice players and can be played in full version with chords for more seasoned musicians. All the while, Rocksmith will track your progression and give you suggestions on how to improve your play.

About the Rocksmith - XBox 360

Rocksmith is part game and part teaching tool. Unlike other games in the music genre, this game uses a real guitar and teaches you real chords that you can use to create incredible music in no time. Rocksmith is available on both the Microsoft XBox 360 console and the Sony Playstation 3 console. This particular version is the one for XBox 360. For more information about the other versions of Rocksmith, please visit the top of this page.

Rocksmith - Product Details

BRANDUbisoftCOLOROne Color

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