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Nintendo DS Lite - Product Description

The Nintendo DS Lite is a lightweight, portable gaming device that has revolutionized mobile gaming. It has two touch screens that both work in tandem to present to you a unique gaming experience. The Nintendo DS Lite also has built in WiFi, so you don't just have to play games alone. You can link up with players all over the world and compete against them to see who the better player is. The Nintendo DS Lite also has support for 3D graphics, allowing you to take advantage of this new technology without the need of glasses. As with any Nintendo product, this one comes with hundreds of games you can buy covering the spectrum of everything from children's titles to fighting games. If you're an avid gamer, then you'll definitely want to checkout the Nintendo DS Lite and take your gaming with you wherever you go.

Features and Functionality

The Nintendo DS Lite comes in many different colors including Blue, Silver, Pink, and Red. It has two bright LCD screens built into the device that can product 3D view without the need of graphics. Both screens are touch sensitive and some games will require you to interact with one or both of the screens. The Nintendo DS Lite also has built in WiFi, so you can connect to the internet to play against friends and family or simply to download new games from the web. It also has built in headphone jack and microphone so you can use your DS to communicate with people you're playing against, or simply to chat with friends. The Nintendo DS Lite is also backwards compatible with older Game Boy Advance cartridges, so your older games will work perfectly with the new DS system.

Specification and Maintenance

The Nintendo DS Lite measures 5.2 inches wide by 2.9 inches long by 0.85 inches tall. Both of the screens are 3-inches in measurement and can support a resolution up to 256x192. It comes with cartridge ports for DS games and Game Boy games and also jacks for headphones and a microphone. It also has a hard protective cover to protect the screens when not in use. The Nintendo DS Lite uses a lithium ion battery that will allow you to play for a full 19 hours on a single charge (which takes 4 hours to charge fully). The Nintendo DS Lite also comes with an AC Adapter that you can use to plug it in when battery power is low and also to charge it up.

About the Nintendo DS Lite - Crimson Black

The Nintendo DS Lite has revolutionized the way you play games by incorporating a second screen that is used to control the action up above. The Nintendo DS Lite comes in a wide array of colors including Crimson/Black, Cobalt/Black, Coral Pink, Metallic Rose, Metallic Silver, and Polar White. This particular model is the Crimson/Black version and has a metallic dark red color to the entire outside of the DS. You can choose from the other available colors by visiting our color selector at the top of the page.

Nintendo DS Lite - Product Details

BRANDnintendoPLATFORMNintendo DS Lite

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Nintendo DS Lite – Demonstration Video

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  1. 5 Star User Review Rating headbooter says: "Huge Improvement"

    This DS is a huge improvement over the old nintendo ds. This one at least fits in your hand comfortably. The screen is so much brighter too. On my old one, half the time if I wasn't in direct light from a lamp, I couldn't see what was going on in half the games. The DS Lite lets me see everything clearly and I don't get a cramp in my hand while I use it.

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