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Quickbooks Accountant 2015 - Product Description

The QuickBooks family of products is the industry leader in accounting and business management software. With these tools, you'll have everything at your disposal to manage your business. With QuickBooks Accountant 2015, you get everything you need as an accounting professional. This software allows you to manage clients and their documents and setup their companies as templates within. This allows you to quickly switch between businesses and maintain custom books for each and every client. With QuickBooks Accountant 2015, you can easily work on and send printed copies of official documents, including those required for tax purposes. You can simplify the clutter on your desktop by consolidating all of your clients into one place and using a single piece of software to manage everything.

Features and Functionality

With QuickBooks Accountant 2015, you get several new features that were previously unavailable. You can quickly and easily collaborate with clients by creating printed copies of QuickBooks files to send out. You can save time setting up new clients by copying a template from a previous client and only modifying the areas where the clients differ. With QuickBooks Accountant 2015, you'll never run into errors as it will constantly check your input to ensure all entries are valid. As usual, you'll get access to all of QuickBooks reporting tools allowing you to check account status, look at expenses over a period of time, and analyze financial statements. In QuickBooks Accountant 2015, you'll also get the benefits of a cleaner, streamlined interface and much smaller file sizes which will take up less room on your computer. Finally, you can save time and effort by working simultaneously, on the same file, with a client thereby ensuring both of you are in the same place mentally about where the business is headed. This is a must have software suite for any serious accounting professional. As with previous versions of QuickBooks Accountant, this version comes complete with functioning copies of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Premier Industry editions. Everything you need to work hand in hand with the tools your clients are already using.

Quickbooks Accountant 2015 - Product Details

PLATFORMWindows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10PRODUCT GROUPSoftware

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