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Autocad 2015 - Product Description

AutoCAD 2015 is designed for professional drafting and delivers genuine DWG compatibility. The AutoCAD 2015 software makes it easy to document designs and ideas with great accuracy. The 2015 version has improved on the features found in the earlier version including improved ribbion speeds and startup times as well as added several new features and commands. Let us take a look at some of its features.

Expanded Group Panel

Although AutoCAD users are already familiar with group functionality, AutoCAD 2015 comes with additional tools in the Group Panel. The way groups are enabled is determined by the Group Bound Box option. The PURGE command has also been enhanced to purge groups without any objects.

AutoCAD Exchange

This is the information hub where you get a variety of things, including getting-started videos, news, blog posts, discussions as well as productivity and learning tools among others. You access the exchange at startup by default but you may disable it if you wish.

Content Explorer

AutoCAD 2015 features an enhanced ADCENTER that allows you to find design content instantly by using either text attributes or file objects. It uses an index at any place you choose, making it easier and faster to access files. You may explore DWG files to access and insert layers, blocks, styles and linetypes among others. You will be able to search and browse different content sources from the same interface.

Migration Tools

The Migration Tools have been enhanced to provide more choices, information and Migrate Tool Palettes. The Reset tool enables to go back to the default installation.


AutoCAD 2015 makes auto-completion relatively simple, where you can go ahead and complete a command name or make a selection from a list that appears when you pause. The auto-complete feature even works with system variables. You may either activate or deactivate the feature depending on your preferences.

PC3 Files

AutoCAD 2015 enables you to have multiple folders for all PC3 files, including yours and your clients? files. The same applies to other printer configuration files. These are just the basics. AutoCAD 2015 includes other special features like multi-functional grips, nudge, implied selection, delete duplicate object, copy nested objects, MText enhancements, MLeader enhancements, Osnap enhancements, Dimension Right-click menu, Blend, Join Tool, Spline enhancements, 2D Array functionality, Copy tool, Layer enhancements, sheet set manager, Raster file support, DGN support, DWG convert, AutoCAD WS as well as Fillet and Chamfer. AutoCAD 2015 allows you to share work with your clients and colleagues seamlessly. It features new AutoCAD WS for both mobile and web sharing. This feature allows you to view, share, edit and collaborate with DWG files in real time via either a mobile device or the web. AutoCAD 2015 is fully integrated with different Autodesk software products. The DGN and PDF output and input tools have been enhanced for better performance. The Ribbon interface has been upgraded to better identify and access the tools you use frequently.

Autocad 2015 - Product Details


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