How to Choose the Right Stroller for your Family

Buying a stroller for your family is an important decision. There are different options such as styles, features, and price that need to be consider. Not all strollers are made the same and some are highly over-priced based on what they offer. A stroller is one of the most important things you need to consider when starting a family. You want to make sure that your choice makes it easy to take a walk, jog, or enjoy a day out with the family without breaking the bank.


The first thing to consider is safety. Making sure that there are certain safety features available on your stroller is extremely important. First of all, make sure the canopy adequately covers the baby so that risk of sun burns is extremely low. Baby skin is very fragile and can burn even in low sunlight conditions. Checking the rear tires for brakes is also important. Good breaks are a necessity to prevent your stroller from rolling down a hill or into a busy street. Make sure there is a harness for your babies shoulders. This will help to restrain the child and prevent injury in the event of an accident. Finally, ensure that your stroller is made with good solid construction like steel. The last thing you want is to be far from home and have your stroller breakdown, the sturdier the construction the better…

Features & Style

The next thing to look for is features and style of the stroller. Some women and men like to go for runs or jogs. If you’re one of these people, choosing the proper type of stroller is very important. A regular stroller might force you to run in an uncomfortable position. Choosing a stroller designed specifically for running or jogging, can make all the difference in the world. Additionally, make sure your stroller has plenty of room for “added luggage.” When you’re out and about in your stroller, you’ll usually be carrying dozens of items such as diapers, formula, snacks, etc, so you’ll want to make sure your stroller has plenty of pockets for those extra long trips.


The next thing to keep in mind is your spending budget. Having a set budget in mind on how much you want to or would like to spend on a stroller is important. If a stroller isn’t in your budget then try to find one that is, while also maintaining most of the features you want. As a new family, the last thing you want to do is go into debt over items like Strollers and Car Seats, which is really easy to do as some of the items can be extremely pricey. While expensive, a stroller is something that can be saved up for and isn’t needed immediately after the baby is born. Some families wait six months or more before purchasing a stroller.


The last thing that you want to consider is stroller quality. If you take one bit of wisdom from this guide, let it be that a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of the stroller is going to suffer. Make sure you research by reading reviews from different companies and specifically look for testimonials from other families that made a similar purchase. Reading reviews from magazines, consumer product review companies and soliciting advice from friends and family are also great sources of information. The best source of information, however, is the internet. You can find thousands of people just like you with advice on models, prices, and quality at the click of a mouse button. Armed with these guidelines, you have everything you need to make a decision. Once you find the one that fits your families needs and budget you can rest easy knowing you made the right, informed decision. After all, as a new mother or father, you will have enough things to to worry about…
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May 10, 2011

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