Baby Swing Buying Guide

Dealshout - Baby Swing Buying Guide On the lookout for a baby swing? You should consider a few things before buying one. Many babies just love the rhythmic motion of the swinging, calm down a lot, and even fall asleep in one. It is almost like rocking your baby to sleep in your arms, and some swings even have music and nature sounds, which you can play. Sometimes a Baby swing really can be a life safer to the parents when you really need to get some things in done but the baby just won’t nap. Having a baby can be hard work and especially the missing sleep can be straining for many parents. Just follow some easy steps to find the perfect Baby Swing for you and your little one:


You want to always have your baby in sight while cleaning up or doing other tasks in your house. If your house has more than one room, it’s best you get a Baby Swing which can easily be moved from room to room. Usually, portable swings are lighter and smaller than others which makes it easier for you to transport it as you move about the home. A standard swing is generally larger and bulkier but, of course, easier for you to put your baby in and take it back out. These types of swings are much harder to transport it, however, so keep that in mind when selecting a swing.

Safety and Comfort

It is very important that your Baby Swing is safe and also it should rock your child in a position of optimum comfort. For the comfort of your baby, the swing should be padded so your baby can lay soft and flat while enjoying the swinging motion. A five-point harness is considered one of the safest options for your child while being in the swing. There are also other features to consider. Some swings even have a tray so your baby can snack while being in the swing while others offer different levels of the swinging motion.

Side-to-Side or Back-to-Front?

There are baby swings, which can swing forward to back, and others, which can swing from side to side. However, there are others, which have both options. The best option is to try them out in the store before buying to see which one is best for you and your child. Some children respond best to side to side motion, while others prefer front to back. Make sure you know which your child prefers, before making a purchase.

Power Requirements

Most common power options for baby swings is the option between battery power and wind up but a few also have a wall outlet option. The wall outlet option is of course the best power source but makes transporting the swing to different places of the house without interrupting the swinging a bit of a problem. Battery and wind up obviously do not suffer from this problem, but both of these solutions require more regular maintenance to keep the swing active. If you use the swing only a few times per day, for short periods of time, a wind up swing would be work well but if you have your child spends a lot of time in the swing the battery or wall socket powered ones would be best for you and your baby.


When selecting a baby swing, you want to ensure that your swing is light (portable), comfortable, safe / secure, easy to maintain and power, and rocks in a way that your child responds to. All of these are crucial in making a purchase that works for you and your family. Make sure you do your homework and find a solution that will last, and one that your child will love. If you’re looking to buy a car seat or a stroller, check out our other guides Infant Car Seat Buying Guide and How to Choose the Right Stroller for your Family.
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May 13, 2011

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