10 Tips for Saving Money While Shopping Online

Shopping Online In today’s economy it can often be a struggle for families to make ends meet. Even middle class families are having troubles and saving money is becoming less of a luxury during economic uncertainty. Luckily, in the age of the internet many options and methods to help you and your family save money are available online. Here are 10 great tips to help you save the maximum amount of money while shopping online and stay secure from fraudulent retailers:

Be Patient

It can take time before you start to see savings, if you’re new to using the web. Keep track of products you’re interested in, from one week to the next or even one month to the next, and check back to see if prices have changed. It might take time to get to a price you’re comfortable paying, but at least you eventually get the product for a price that’s affordable without even leaving your home. If you get into a routine of frequently checking your favorite products, you can begin to make a mental log of the price changes and whether or not they appear to be going up or down over time. Eventually, you’ll see a pattern which will help you determine how long you’ll need to wait before making your purchase. To help make this task easier, we’ve implemented price alerts at DealShout.com. If you visit a product of interest (such as this one) you can click “Set a Price Alert” on the right hand side let us notify you when the price is right.

Price Compare

Shop around and look at different websites. Not all websites are the same. Some offer special savings and discounts for people that sign up for email updates, and weekly newsletters. Some offer special savings and discounts on products and services only if you refer people to their website (like a pyramid scheme). What you want is a simple, unbiased ranking of stores showing you where to get the best bang for you buck. At DealShout.com we provide a complete breakdown of deals on products like the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer so you can immediately see which store offers the cheapest prices without having to sign up for anything.

Consider Shipping Costs

Always think of shipping costs. Shipping costs can be as much or more than the actual product depending on where you shop and where you live. Some websites, such as Amazon.com, offer free shipping on certain products or if you purchase a certain amount of products or services. Checking the different shipping options and rates is very important. You don’t want to spend too much on shipping and nullify any potential savings you might have gained.

Always take Advantage of Coupons

When making a purchase, always take advantage of coupons when available. This is one of the most important things to do. Not only do you get savings from stores and businesses online, but you can get savings for more unlikely options such as restaurants, and local businesses. Not all price comparison sites offer discounts, but at DealShout.com our products routinely range from anywhere from 10% to 90% off. You’ll always find deeply discounted products here.

Protect Your Online Identity

Create an alternative email address if you’re worried about spam and junk email. You can get lots of emails daily from some companies, even if it’s unsolicited. Use an email address that you don’t care about when signing up for newsletters and other related options. This can benefit you greatly, and many sites offer you the ability to sign up for free email accounts such as Gmail.com so you won’t have to pay a penny for this added protection.

Consider Generic Brands

Don’t focus only on brand names. Online, there are often generic brands that are on par or superior to brand names and are sold at substantial discounts to their counterparts. The key thing is to focus on what you need and why you need it. Keep your mind open on the different options that you have, and evaluate the differences between options. If the generic brand is cheaper and provides virtually the same product, you can often save your family a fortune.

Ask for Advice from the Manufacturer

Ask questions and if the owner or manufacturer aren’t willing to answer your questions or take the time to listen to your concerns, than they aren’t worth your money. Some companies offer online chat, a free customer service number, or communication via email. Whatever way is the easiest for you often works for them. So, if you have questions, always get them answered right from the source before making a purchase. Remember it’s your money and you don’t have spend it on their product if you don’t want to. Buy what is best for your family and your needs. You’re in the driver’s seat, not the product manufacturer.

Read Product Reviews

Reading reviews from sites other than the manufacturer or actual store are a great way to gauge what other people think about the product you want to purchase. Find sites that sell different brands, and take a look at the average rating and read a few reviews. Some companies might put fake testimonies and reviews on their website, to try and convince people to buy a product, so you’re much better off to visit sites like dealshout.com or Amazon.com to get a broader range of unbiased reviews.

Look into Post Purchase Rebates

Once you make a purchase, sometimes you can still save additional money. Often times, you pay the initial purchase cost but you can get money back later via mail in rebate. Especially with electronics and services you can get a good rebate. It can sometimes take a couple of months to get it but since you’re already considering buying the product, you might as well get as much money back as you possibly can.

Always Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead before making a purchase. Know how much money you have to spend, when you need the product by, and what you expect its price to be based on research. By knowing exactly what to expect, you’re much less likely to be caught off guard by surprises. This is the best way to save you and your family money while shopping online.
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May 5, 2011

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