10 Reasons to Buy a Microsoft Kinect

The Microsoft Xbox motion sensor, the Kinect, is taking the console gaming community by storm. With so many available features and additions, it’s easy to justify investing in one. With the new Microsoft Xbox console due out at Christmas 2013, there has never been a better time to pick up a Kinect (and an Xbox 360) at some of the lowest prices in its history. Bring your games to life with amazing motion capture technology. Here are ten reasons why you should think about adding the Microsoft Xbox Kinect accessory to your living room.

10 Reasons to Buy a Microsoft Kinect

1.) Affordability – The Microsoft Xbox 360 comes in a wide variety of forms and some of these are an exceptional deal. You can buy the Xbox Kinect device alone (with a few games included) or if you don’t already own an Xbox 360 console, Microsoft has some great combo deals for both the entry level and power user level consoles. It’s more affordable than ever right now and it’s a perfect opportunity to add it to your home theatre.

2.) Voice Control – With the Microsoft Xbox Kinect device, all you have to say is “Xbox” and you will activate a whole series of menus. Connect with your Xbox Live account and you can watch high definition movies seamlessly with just the sound of your voice. This makes it ideal for children who may not be able to operate a larger-sized standard Xbox 360 controller.

3.) Over 100 Available Games – With games available in just about every genre, it’s easy to find something for the Xbox Kinect that will keep you entertained for days. From adventure games to dancing simulators to sports, gamers will be satisfied with the ever expanding title collection. You’re guaranteed to find a title that’s perfect for every member of your family.

4.) Family Friendly – With over half the games rated E for everyone, all ages can have fun playing with the Kinect. Parents can rest assured that there are plenty of games safe for the kids to play. Some of the more popular titles include Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Sports, and Kinect Adventures.

5.) Multiplayer Gaming with Ease – While only two players can play at the same time from one household, the Microsoft Kinect sensor can track up to six people, allowing for easy transition between players at any time. In addition, you can connect at any time over Xbox live to play with millions of other gamers all over the planet.

6.) Fitness – With games like Just Dance and Dance Central, you’ll basically have a personal trainer in your house. Keeping your body in tune with the rhythm on screen will help keep you fit while having fun.

7.) Compatibility – The Kinect is compatible with every version of the Xbox 360 and only requires 175MB of hard drive space in order to connect. So, if you already own an Xbox 360 console, you can add a Kinect with Games for a very low price.

8.) Video Kinect – With the Microsoft Kinect, you can have full access to video chats and make calls to any other Xbox 360 or Windows Messenger users. That means you and your family can keep in touch with friends and family directly via video.

9.) The Recaps – One of the coolest features of the Microsoft Kinect is the ability to video recaps of events that have just taken place. You can watch hilarious footage of your and your family competing in the games over and over again.

10.) NO CONTROLLERS! – We saved the best for last! With the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor, you and everyone you know can play games without ever needing to pick up a controller. Compare that to the Wii and the Playstation Move, this is the only controller free motion sensor on the market. No more charging, batteries, cables, anything. Your body and your voice control everything you do with the Kinect. This makes it perfect for young children, beginners, the elderly, and even seasoned pros. With the Xbox 360 kinect sensor, everyone can play with ease.

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July 13, 2012

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